The Scarred Crescent

‘The Scarred Crescent’ is the first book in the planned trilogy — ‘Crescent and the Sun’.

More details to come, but hope this suffices for now:

Working Blurb: ‘The Scarred Crescent’ is a story of two men–a magi and an Inquisitor charged with keeping magic in check–of how they wrestle with the destinies imposed on them in a post modern future.

The Raj: Modern day countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh form the Raj hundred years from now. A superpower with few rivals. The cultural and technological leader.

Magic: Always hidden from the masses–is finally leaking into the world. Magi live hidden within common people, hoping not to get caught by Inquisitors who bond them for control.

Technology: Encryption was broken in 2094, meaning no means of communication over the Internet were secure anymore. In 2122, the world uses the Net, knowing fully well everything is transparent.