SF & Fantasy Author

Divided Sultanate – Epic Fantasy series

A lowly guard. A powerful Sultan’s daughter. In a vast magical empire, will accepting destiny save their home or destroy it?

Divine Space – Space Fantasy series

Earth’s last defense against alien invaders is a medieval prophet who’s way out of his realm.

Complex characters, multi-layered plots, and richly exotic worlds.


"... masterful blending of sci-fi, religious fiction, and fantasy genres."
"Fuad Baloch wrote an Incredible hard core science fiction... Excellent language, beautifully written."
"...fascinating story of Religion, Politics, War, Love, with some epic starship battles, some amazing characters and some exceptional writing."
"Few books are as worth reading as these."

Lose yourself in Fuad Baloch’s beautifully intricate tales!

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Read both!
Divine Space - The saga of a medieval prophet facing an alien invasion.
Divided Sultanate - The story of a lowly guard and a head-strong princess as they discover their destinies.